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posted June 14, 2015

The car, the car….

posted June 14, 2015

Hanging with my gnomies

posted June 14, 2015

Believe you can….

posted June 14, 2015

Do anything!


posted June 14, 2015



posted June 14, 2015




Here’s the finished product.


Ever Wonder

posted June 14, 2015

Ever wonder what you wonder when you’re wondering what to wonder about?

I do.

Breathe Pause

posted June 14, 2015

Mission Extermination

posted July 20, 2010

mission-sketchThis is the third in a series of three pretend “B” movie posters. I LOVE developing these because I am the storyteller, designer, and illustrator. I painstakingly hand paint the lettering and perfect all aspects. At 20″x30″ there is a great deal of time invested in the creation of this series…the paintbrush I use is about as thick as a felt tip pen.

All kinds perch in the family tree

posted June 6, 2010


We are all influenced by those who have perched in our family trees….whether they be independent and stoic, love doves, or jail birds……and the chicken?….well, he was chicken.